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Content Relevancy or Bust!

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Relevancy or Bust!

Within the first few minutes of clicking on a link, the reader knows if they will read the information presented to them, or if they will simply exit out of your content.  Within the first 15 seconds, the decision to read or interact based on the title of the article is made. In a world run by social media and search engine results, a company’s content can make or break them. Relevant and captivating content is the best way to ensure your company/ content gets seen.

So how do you stay relevant?

Regardless of your industry, there is always a way to remain captivating to your audience. Connecting to a recent trend on social media, or playing up a theme currently running at its peak around the country are two great ways to get the reader’s attention. Another way to remain relevant is to ensure your company is creating new buzz every week or so. This will put your company at the forefront of customers minds and show future clients that your company has a passion for the industry you are in. Every industry has competition fighting for the same clientele, staying relevant and in the minds of those you are targeting might just give you the edge you are looking for to win over the clients.

Connect, Connect, Connect.

While posting new content is one way to ensure your target audience knows you exist, another way is by increasing the pathways from which they can access your company. Most companies understand the importance of a Facebook page to reach a wider audience, but the truly successful one’s understand that one form of social media is not enough. Depending on your targeted demographic your company might also be well suited for Instagram, Twitter, or even Snapchat. Utilizing these platforms will benefit the company in the long run. By interacting with the pages’ followers, you are showing that you care and you are humanizing the company. People will be more open to using a company that shows they care about their clients, and that they feel a connection to. Sometimes staying relevant is not simply about the most current and updated content, instead its answering questions that your followers may have, it’s adding a personal touch to your social media channels, and its showing what makes your company unique every chance you get. Another way to connect is through cross-posting. Cross-posting will help connect your website and various social media platforms to each other, this expands each platforms reach.

Social media and digital marketing in general is ever evolving, and growing in importance each day. Finding the perfect balance between staying relevant and reaching the widest audience you can is not an easy task. It will take research, long hours, and a knack for digital marketing. Thankfully, LaunchUX is here to help.

Let Us Help!

Here at LaunchUX, we specialize in helping to grow and sustain your brand and company identity. We will help you by working with your existing social media platforms, developing new platforms to use, and creating/ posting relevant and captivating content for your followers. Our goal is to grow your business, all you need to do is reach out and lets us do what we do best.

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