Terms of Service - LaunchUX

Terms of Service

LaunchUX, located in Chambersburg, PA (“COMPANY”).

I. Introduction

The COMPANY provides web development, hosting, and SEO services. While the COMPANY has a history of exceptional results with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the COMPANY does not guarantee results or rankings. All efforts are made to ensure the best possible outcome. The COMPANY reserves the right to terminate a CLIENT agreement at any time.

II. Non-Disclosure

COMPANY is committed to protecting confidential information. COMPANY will not share any non-public information provided by CLIENT with third parties without clear consent.

III. Web Development Services

A. The CLIENT agrees to provide a signed agreement and a deposit before any project can be scheduled. Project schedule times are subject to change, especially in instances where the CLIENT is unable to provide needed materials in a timely fashion.

B. The CLIENT is responsible for reviewing each draft in detail before providing revisions. The COMPANY cannot be held liable for errors and omissions made since all materials are provided to the CLIENT for review before going live.

C. If the CLIENT is non-responsive for three weeks upon signing the agreement and/or fails to provide needed materials, the project will be closed and the deposit forfeited. If the first draft has been completed and the CLIENT fails to be responsive for three weeks, the project will be deemed completed and the final balance will be invoiced.  

D. The CLIENT certifies that all images provided are not bound by copyright protections and release the COMPANY of any liability for using these images.

E. The COMPANY does not offer a warranty on completed work unless the CLIENT is under a support agreement. Software, plugins, and browsers constantly change, which may require revisions over time.

F. The COMPANY cannot guarantee the CLIENT’s website will be within ADA compliance due to the dynamic nature of maintaining compliance. The COMPANY has a partnership with a vendor specializing in ADA compliance and can recommend their services if the CLIENT is interested.

IV. Recurring Services

Invoices for recurring services are due net 15 days unless otherwise specified. Failure to pay will result in provisions as outlined in VII

V. Website Hosting Services

The COMPANY provides a 99% uptime guarantee, includes backups, SSL, and security promise. If the CLIENT’s site is compromised, defaced, or otherwise tampered with while hosting with the COMPANY, the COMPANY will cover the cost for in-house website remediation. Fees for hosting services are subject to change annually and not prorated.

The COMPANY reserves the right to remove our email delivery service, powered by SMTP.com, for terms of use violations relating to suspected abuse, AUP, and CAN-SPAM Act.

VI. Hourly Services

A. The COMPANY’s standard hourly services are billed at a rate of $135 per hour. Business consultative services and integration management services completed by an in-house Project Management Professional are billed at a rate of $175 per hour.

B. A minimum service charge will apply to all work under an hour, unless the CLIENT is part of an SEO agreement or other monthly service retainer.

VII. Service Requests

A. All service requests should be submitted by opening a ticket through the COMPANY’s contact page. This process ensures that all team members are notified of the problem or change needed, which enables a quicker response time.

B. For service requests on websites not built or currently hosted by the COMPANY, the CLIENT will need to provide website login credentials and FTP access to the current host. Service times and fees for non-existing CLIENTs can vary based on the nature of the service ticket and current schedule.

VIII. Past Due Balances

A. Unless otherwise specified in the contract, invoices for all services have a net 15 payment term.

B. A late fee of $35 will be applied to any invoice unpaid 30 days past the due date.

C. Accounts may be suspended if payments remain overdue for 60 days or more.

D. To cover the cost of collections, a 20% fee will be applied to all invoices sent to collections.

IX. No Show Policy

A. COMPANY reserved the right to bill for meetings that CLIENT fails to cancel or provide notice they are unable to attend. This will result in a $50 fee to cover expenses related to the no-show.

X. SMS Message Opt-In

A. CLIENT grants right for COMPANY to enroll them for SMS notifications within the ReachUX platform. To opt-out, CLIENT, if enrolled, would need to cancel the ReachUX service by notifying COMPANY. COMPANY agrees to not sell your SMS data and that client communications are secured. Data will be used to measure usage amounts for billing, reporting and forecasting.

XI. Changes to the Terms

The COMPANY reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice. Any changes or updates will be effective immediately upon posting to the COMPANY’s site. Continued use of the COMPANY’s services following the posting of changes and/or modifications constitutes acceptance of the revised terms.

XII. Contact Information

If the CLIENT has any questions about these Terms of Service, please contact the COMPANY at:


25 Penncraft Ave, Suite 205

Chambersburg, PA

(855) 352-8624