Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a great way to connect, reach and engage your target audience.

Effective Social Media Management

Social Media is an ever changing environment.  Most companies think that they need to be on every platform to get the best impact.  We look at this differently. 

At LaunchUX it is all about the experience.  Each social network has a primary demographic.  Some have a significantly stronger impact than others depending on your type of business.  We work with you to determine the social networks that fit you the best and what your goal is.  Do you want more connections, more sales, site visits or something else?  Each campaign is different and our team works to adapt your social media marketing to the current demands of your business. 

In addition to offering outsourced social media services, we also offer coaching and training services. This gives very useful and beneficial information to share with your marketing team to help them focus their efforts.

Stand out on all social media platforms- be updated, professional, modern & outstanding on any media. Let us do the work and get your business active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snap Chat, Google My Business, Tumblr or anything you bring to us! We are constantly learning the ins and outs of all the medias, consider us your go-to people for all your social media questions.


Your customers are out there and we want to make sure that your Facebook page represents you and is reaching them! Let us take all the worries and stress of constantly updating your Facebook page away and manage your page with original content that you approve of. Our team will meet with you to get original content and let your posts shine on targeted newsfeeds. Don’t ever forget: Facebook continues to drive the largest share of social media referral traffic.


Becoming just as important to be on as Facebook. It is time to reach those customers in a more unique way. Let us create & manage your business an Instagram account and get those double taps happening! Instagram allows us to do extremely targeted marketing & allows us to reach a large group of people, especially millennials! Instagram users aren’t just browsing through endless content; they’re using it to discover new products and brands.


A unique way to spread the word and be out there- tweeting! Let us tweet for you and really interact in this new modern way. Through searching target keywords on Twitter profiles, hashtags & tweets- you have a world of prospects easily accessible right at your fingertips.


Ready to get extreme traction with your Youtube channel? A professional & cleaned up YouTube account is perfect for sharing material through video, and making a more personal connection to the web. Answer questions you get all the time with a video- allowing you to share a personal, and professional answer to anyone at any time. YouTube videos are perfect for social media, websites, emailing and messaging.


Consider this a Facebook for businesses. This media is strictly business and professional, yet extremely effective. If you need consulting with your personal or business Linked In page, we are here for you. LinkedIn is much more than a social site. It’s a community of professionals – in a business mindset – that’s waiting to hear from you. Create a Company Page that builds credibility and gets your business noticed. Build a community of followers made up of your exact target audience.

Google My Business

Google Business is quickly proving itself as a great way to improve search optimization, drive phone calls & customer visits.

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