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LaunchUX was founded to create unique user experiences that produce WOW moments! Project management, cloud software development, websites and more; with a focus on customer service.

Our Story

LaunchUX was formed to bring a different way of creating user experiences to the horizon.  Through much time and collective research, LaunchUX determined a more effective course for organizations to take in order to enhance their businesses.  There are a lot of “Brand” and “Digital Media” firms out there, but few understand the passion that is needed to represent each client and their niche in business.

LaunchUX believes there are four knowledge areas that require equal attention. These knowledge areas are Project Management, Graphics/Branding, Security, and Findability.

Graphics & Branding is very crucial and a lot of firms do this right. Often this is their main core competency. By leveraging team members that specialize in this knowledge area, we are able to offer the same level of design and branding services, without compromising the other three knowledge areas.

You can have the best website in the world, but if nobody can find it, what value is it to your business. By utilizing team members with strengths in content, meta data, search algorithms, and current trends, we are able to enhance the search optimization for our clients. Since the findability knowledge area changes frequently, we maintain research into the requirements of the primary search providers and ensure that we are following their best practices.

A Digital Agency

Digital is our specialty and we like that specialization.  With nearly all interaction based through the internet, it is important to have a digital footprint.

Forward Thinking

From initiation to closure of your project, our customers can see how our forward thinking and innovative methodology, directly impacts their projects success!

Problem Solvers

Tell us about your frustrations and we will find a way to solve it.  Everything is easier and more affordable with the cloud.  Your problem is already partially solved!

Customer Support

We offer a variety of level to support our various customers needs.  No matter the problem or need, we are here to solve it for you.  Contact us today!

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