These ARE the droids
you're looking for.

Our Core Values


No cloaking shields. We maintain open and continuous communication between our clients and our team.


Our phasers never miss.  We produce consistently quality work and get our clients positive results.


Tech be hard. We explain industry-specific terms in a common sense manner.

Meet Our Fleet's Leadership Team

Nathan Neil has an MBA from Shippensburg University and is a certified Project Management Professional.  Neil has secured two US Patents, is published in peer review journals, and has received Forty Under 40 honors.  Neil was recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year (2022) and also was recognized as a Rising Star Finalist.  He has an energy soda addiction, is an avid outdoorsman, anime enthusiast and true crime junkie. He enjoys playing Mario Kart with his two sons or watching monster trucks make mad jumps.  His biggest dream is to be in a rock band, but lacks any musical talent.

Nathan Neil, MBA PMP "The Captain"

Brandon Smith earned a B.A. in Communication & Journalism from Shippensburg University, where he was also crowned Mr. Shippensburg in 2008. Rumor has it that he still has the crown locked safely in a chest that he buried in the Rocky Mountains. His background in sales, digital marketing and public relations makes him great with clients and the perfect hype-man for the office. Brandon is an internationally ranked top-10 competitive singer and became a published poet at 12. In his free time, he enjoys writing fantasy, recording his Dungeons & Dragons podcast D20 Tower (@d20tower on Spotify), and staying active.

Brandon Smith "First Officer"

Michael Banks has a BS in Applied Mathematics (Maths) from the University of Pittsburgh. Banks enjoys solving the most complex equations and has an approximate knowledge of many things. If he is not playing Overwatch or watching Harry Potter, you can find him outdoors with his dog Malack.  Banks is still working on convincing accounting that a battle axe would be a legitimate expense; however, he would settle for a longsword.

Michael Banks "Commodore"