Project Management

Certified Project Management Professional

LaunchUX is proud to have a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) on staff.  This is critical for the proper management of our web development projects and other initiatives, but also provides the community with access to a project manager.  Finding a certified PMP can be difficult and if you are looking to start a new project, think of LaunchUX.

Our team can handle everything from proposal review to drafting of RFP’s.  We handle procurement management, feasibility review and more.  Our trained staff is not limited to just internet related projects, but has successfully managed projects from inventory management ,municipality operations  and economic development!

Cost Analysis

Many Businesses Have Thousands or More that They Can Save! Have One of Our Project Managers Conduct a Cost Analysis on Your Operations.

Vendor Managment

Sending a Project to Bid? We can Manage Everything from the RFQ to Vendor Selection!

Why Having A PMP is Important

If Your Organization is Looking at Taking on a Large Project, You Want to Ensure it is Successful! We Are Here to Advise to Ensure Project Success and Completion.

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