Website Design & Development

Have a site that reflects your identity and drives sales traffic.

Our Website Development Approach

It is crucial to have a strong web presence for your business or organization. That all starts with having a great website that creates a WOW moment when someone finds you!

As mobile usage of the internet continues to rise, being mobile friendly has become less of an option and more of a need. How you look on mobile is important. In 2015, Google announced an update called by some as “Mobilegeddon” that placed a higher importance on mobile sites.  When building a site, user experience is crucial to have in mind. The team at LaunchUX are experts in dynamic website development and test the user experience on over fifty devices before going live.

With LaunchUX, you do not have to worry about constant waiting or timelines that always change. We are one of the only website development firms to employ a project management professional, certified by PMI.

After the initial meeting, we meet with our engineers, branding experts, and project coordinators to find the best way to make your dream a reality. We will turn this into a project plan and scope, which we will then follow throughout the course of your site’s development.

All projects are well managed and well maintained whether you are located near our facility or across the country.

Having a Responsive Business Website Matters

A responsive website is a user-friendly designed website that adapts itself dynamically on any device it is viewed on regardless of the screen size. It provides an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and
navigation with less resizing, scrolling and panning among others. With the increasing usage rate of mobile devices, taking advantage of the technological revolution is a major key to the success of your business.

The number of people visiting sites and/or using social media channels through mobile devices is increasing by the day. A lack of accessible element can lead to reduced conversion, increased bounce rates, and negative feedback. However, using social media concepts in your marketing campaign will trigger an increase in your mobile traffic.

Google is more interested in websites that are responsive as the performance rate will be higher compared to mobile templates. The inability of your website to be responsive can affect your website’s ranking in Google search engine results. If some companies can remain on the first page of search engine results, it is possible for your business too. Therefore, it is essential you do all you can to keep your site on top of the results. Failure to do that results in loss of clients.



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