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6 Parts of a Well-Optimized Webpage

Google is constantly changing its search algorithm. This method keeps websites from cheating the algorithm to get a Top 4 ranking, but it can make the average SEO copywriter’s job difficult. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing 6 components that will help you increase your rank on Google while still producing quality content. 1.

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search engine optimization

A State of Perpetual Optimization: Three Axioms of SEO

Every month we have a meeting with one of our long-term search engine optimization, social media and content marketing clients. We open by casually catching up and discussing what is going on in their world. Topics may include information such as employee achievements, industry-specific certifications and  promotions within their company. During this time, we will

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Page load speed

Case Study: Fastest Web Hosting

Page load speed is a critical factor that search engines use to determine ranking and end users experience firsthand. This case study demonstrates how LaunchUX offers better page load speeds than two national competitors and what that means for our web hosting clients. Why Does Page Load Speed Matter? For a professional website, there are

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Why We Use LiteSpeed at LaunchUX

WordPress is one of the most common Content Management Systems (CMS) available. When it comes to hosting a WordPress website, there are three common options: Apache, LiteSpeed, and NGINX. When it comes to hosting a WordPress website – the best choice is LiteSpeed. Since WordPress is one of the most common CMS used – any

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Online Newspaper Website

CASE STUDY: Franklin County Free Press

Franklin County Free Press, an independent news website serving Franklin County, Pennsylvania, was launched by founder/editor/reporter Vicky Taylor with the ambitious goal of providing residents with free and easy-to-access local news. Taylor, who produces and edits the majority of the content, and her small team of contributors post articles several times per day, and the

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Why LaunchUX Recommends WordPress

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to most people that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS). It’s a great tool for creating and managing your website, and any company can benefit from its features. When creating a website there are so many CMSs to choose from each with their own pros and

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subscription-based websites

Benefits of Subscription-based Websites

Subscription-based websites are becoming more popular for business owners. There are many reasons for businesses to build membership sites: supply replenishment, creating a private area for your customers, creating a stable income, creating relationships with customers, easier forecasting, and much more. And subscription-based websites are very convenient for your customers as well. The majority of

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Content Marketing

E-commerce is Critical During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For a while now, consumers have been embracing the convenience of online shopping. It’s one of the primary reasons why malls are closing in favor of Amazon and other large online retailers. But for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on local residents for sales, it’s possible that there hadn’t been a need to have

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