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Today’s digital landscape is complex and multi-faceted. Every modern business relies on a myriad of digital platforms and systems to run efficiently. Yet, the magic truly happens when these systems work together in harmony, and that’s where LaunchUX shines.

The LaunchUX Difference​

We are not just another web development company

At LaunchUX, we specialize in complex integrations between your website and your preferred business systems. Our mission is to help your platforms communicate effectively, thereby automating your workflows, eliminating redundant tasks, and making your life easier.

With an experienced team of expert web developers and system integration specialists, we ensure seamless interoperability between diverse systems. We are proficient in a multitude of digital platforms, including but not limited to Netsuite, Quickbooks, LightSpeed, Square, Zoho, HubSpot, Moodle, and Slack. This vast experience and expertise set us apart in the industry, making us your trusted partner in web integration services.

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Featured Integrations


Leverage the power of unified business management suites while keeping your website fully synced with your financials, HR, supply chain, and more.


Streamline your accounting operations by integrating your website with QuickBooks, automating data exchange and reducing manual entry errors.


Unify your offline and online sales by integrating your Square POS with your website, keeping your inventory up-to-date across all platforms.


Enhance your team’s communication by integrating Slack with your website, creating a streamlined flow of information and updates in real-time.

Example Scenario

Imagine you’re an e-commerce business owner who utilizes a website for online sales, QuickBooks for your accounting, and Slack for internal team communication. Here’s how an integration between these three platforms could revolutionize your operations:

Order Processing & Notification:

Whenever a customer places an order on your website, that transaction data is automatically pushed to QuickBooks. The system then updates your accounting records in real-time, including sales figures, taxes, inventory management, and customer data. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing potential errors and saving time.

Simultaneously, an automated notification of the new order is sent to a designated channel on Slack. This instant notification allows your sales and customer service team to promptly respond to new orders, ensuring optimal customer service and fulfillment efficiency.

Customer Inquiry Response:

Suppose a customer has a question about their invoice. They reach out through your website’s contact form. As soon as the form is submitted, a notification pops up in your customer service Slack channel. Simultaneously, the integration pulls up the related invoice data from QuickBooks. This integration enables your customer service team to promptly, accurately, and efficiently respond to customer queries.

Inventory Alerts:

Let’s say one of your popular products is running low on stock. The moment the inventory level hits your predetermined minimum in QuickBooks, an alert is sent to your procurement Slack channel. This notification ensures that your procurement team can take timely action to restock, avoiding potential lost sales due to out-of-stock products.

This integration scenario demonstrates how connecting your website with Slack and QuickBooks can create a seamless workflow, boost efficiency, reduce manual work, and facilitate prompt responses, leading to better customer service, enhanced team collaboration, and ultimately, an improved bottom line.

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LaunchUX is committed to making your business operations more efficient and productive. By choosing us as your integration services partner, you’re choosing a team that understands your unique needs and tailors solutions accordingly.

Let us transform your digital landscape into a fully integrated, automated, and high-performing ecosystem. Contact us today and experience the LaunchUX difference.

Our non-profit organization needed a high quality website with online registration capability for an annual event we host. Our timeframe was short and we really needed someone good to pull this off. The crew at LaunchUX, LLC was the right choice for us. They took our vision and immediately went to work. Together we collaborated on items that needed adjusted & everyone on their team was easy to work with and very professional. If you’re in need of a good website designer and a company that is easy to work with, check them out.

John Nogle