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Mobile Searches are Dominating Web Traffic

Mobile Search Responsive Design

We are becoming an increasingly mobile society and use our phones for almost everything.  With more usage of smartphones, the traffic to websites from traditional computers is dropping steeply.  In 2015, mobile traffic exceeded regular computer usage for the first time and it has only increased from that point.  An estimated 60% of all searches are done on mobile devices.  We are doing less browsing and searching on our computers and spending more time doing that same behavior on our phones.  This has some major implications for businesses, who want consumers to find them in the search results.  With the right strategy, this can be used to benefit your business and stand out from the crowd.


The Importance of Responsive Website Design


A responsive website is a website that loads nicely across all devices from smartphone screens to computers.  A responsive site can respond to the different screen sizes and render itself in a way that provides an optimal user experience.  This is also referred to as being “mobile friendly.”  This is a major factor when it comes to appearing in search results on mobile devices.  If you are unsure if your website is mobile friendly, Google has made a tool to test it.  Since so much traffic is coming from mobile devices and Google want’s its customers (the user making the search) to have a great experience, they give higher priority to sites that are easy to use on a smart phone.  The Google mobile-friendly test is a great way to check for free if your site has what it takes for you to capitalize on the shift to mobile browsing.

In a study conducted by Google, it was found that 61% of users are likely to quickly move to another site if the one they are visiting is not user friendly.  On the flip side, 67% of people polled said that they were more likely to buy a product from a website or inquire about a service if the site was mobile friendly.  That is substantial.  74% said they would likely visit the site a second time if it was mobile friendly.  Not having a mobile friendly or responsive website pushes potential customers away very quickly and there is no second chance.


Don’t Have a Responsive Site?


Not having a responsive website is one of four key factors that will hold your search ranking back.  If the Google mobile-friendly test shows that your site is not responsive and does not work well on mobile devices, it is time to consider options to make your site compliant. There are two recommended avenues to take.  The first is to have your site rebuild and redesigned to be focused on mobile optimization and friendliness.  This can be a great way to launch new branding and a good time to revaluate your websites content as well.  Often, we recommend starting with a fresh new website that is built to fit your content well and showcase your information to get the most conversions (inquiries or purchases) from visitors.  The second option is to revamp your current website.  If you are using a content management system like WordPress, this is an easier process and more cost effective.  It is relatively easy for a web designer to update your sites layout and design.  Both options do have cost associated with them, but it is an investment to be found in the new way that people are searching for products and services.  Back before websites, if you were not listed in a phone directory you could not be found. Not having a responsive website is much like not being in the phone book thirty years ago.

Conclusion: Responsive sites are a Necessity!


Google doesn’t care how users access the internet. The goal is for users to have the best possible experience when using their search engine. Presenting users with sites that will load well on their device is a major element of a good experience. Besides, if your site isn’t mobile friendly, then it’s also not user-friendly or search friendly. At that point, why even have a website?


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