Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2023

social media trends

Social media has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, and this growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon. With that said, there is a lot to keep up with when it comes to trends in social media. Rather than try and keep track of a single trend, you need to be watching for […]

Ways to Use Instagram Reels for Business

If it is your dream to become a successful entrepreneur, you will need to market your products and services effectively for gaining maximum exposure and reaching a large number of potential customers. There are different marketing methods that you can use for your business, but nothing beats the popularity and effectiveness of social media marketing. […]

Why your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Infographic for why a business needs social media

Social media marketing has become an essential part of almost every business. Even if you’re not interested in building your business through social platforms, you’ll find that social media plays a massive role in how people interact with your brand. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat-or all of them-social media is now a […]

A-B Testing Part Two: Split-Testing for Social Media

social media ab testing data science

For much of the history of advertising, it has been very difficult to identify exactly how successful a campaign actually was. A hit ad might coincide with increased sales, but it was up to the agency to demonstrate a connection between the two. Unless customers had to present the physical ad (often as a coupon) […]

Benefits of Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel

One of the amazing tools to be created by Facebook for marketers is the Facebook pixel.  It is a powerful advertising tool that communicates between your website and your Facebook Ad Account to help you gauge the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns as well as to reach new, targeted audiences. There are several benefits […]

Industry Trends to Try: Instagram Stories

What was once thought of as a picture sharing platform, has evolved into something much greater. Instagram is a very creative and visual platform, that allows its users to share pictures, videos, and eye-catching content of all kinds. With the addition of Instagram Stories and Live videos, this is a wonderful platform for businesses of […]

Social Media Coach

social media coach

Social Media Coach A Social Media Marketing Coach can be a powerful ally for business owners who want to strengthen their social media presence, but either aren’t sure where to start or want to make sure that they are using the optimal strategies for their chosen platforms. These stakes are especially high for solopreneurs, local […]

How many Facebook Likes Should I Have?

Facebook Likes

How many Facebook likes should I have? “I need more Facebook Likes” is a thought every business owner has. Knowing the importance of having a Facebook is something almost all business owners understand. The goal of Facebook is to provide relevant & engaging content that reaches Facebook users- keeping you top of mind. One thing […]

Four Reasons Why Videos and Social Media are So Effective Together

social media video

Videos can be a valuable – and easy – component to incorporate into your content marketing strategy, especially if you already have an established social media presence to serve as your distribution channel. A variety of marketing and technology trends have finally converged to make this the ideal time for your business or organization to […]

Tips to Establishing Your Brand

Digital Marketing

Establishing your brand is your best chance at taking control of your presence in the marketplace and telling your customers – and your competitors – who you are. Sometimes branding is dismissed by fledgling business owners as a vanity project or a marketing gimmick, but the truth is that it is a fundamental component of […]