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Why We Use LiteSpeed at LaunchUX


WordPress is one of the most common Content Management Systems (CMS) available. When it comes to hosting a WordPress website, there are three common options: Apache, LiteSpeed, and NGINX. When it comes to hosting a WordPress website – the best choice is LiteSpeed. Since WordPress is one of the most common CMS used – any website built on WordPress is vulnerable to hackers. WordPress is also open source, meaning hackers can shut down your site by infiltrating through plugins.

There are plenty of reasons why LiteSpeed is our preferred web server software. Here are a few:

LiteSpeed Offers Built-in Security:

Like I said earlier, websites built on WordPress are vulnerable to hackers. That’s why the built in security of LiteSpeed is so important. They protect the most important and vulnerable files. The security can also block login attempts by IP address. This is done by setting an automatic quota of login attempts allowed. Once the user fails the certain number of attempts they will be IP banned from attempting to log into your website. 

LiteSpeed Increases Performance:

The speed of your website is very important. You don’t want potential customers to be waiting up to 10 seconds for your website to load. Most people don’t have the patience to wait 10 seconds. It’s also not uncommon for website visitors to even leave within three seconds if your site isn’t loading fast enough. LiteSpeed is perfect for busy websites. They serve static content faster than every other web server. It also increases performance for your PHP files by using its PHP LSAPI. Websites are built using numerous programming languages – but PHP is one of the more common languages used. That’s why it’s so important for your site to be optimized for PHP.

LiteSpeed Provides Better Caching for Static Content and Ecommerce:

LiteSpeed is perfect for websites that contain a lot of static content such as images and descriptions. This built in cache really helps the load times of your website. The Web Server’s cache engine is built into the server core and even has its own LSCache plugin. This plugin optimizes the pages, images, and CSS (styling) for your website. This allows you to not have to download other plugins to optimize your website. The less plugins your website uses – the better. If you have an ecommerce site, it’s very likely that you will use woocommerce if your site was built on wordpress. The built-in LSCache provides support for woocommerce as well. 

Better All-Around Hosting Results:

Overall the benefits of LiteSpeed hosting is that your site is more secure and loads faster. This gives your customers the peace of mind knowing that your website is secure while also keeping the instant gratification of your customers by having faster load times.

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