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How To Increase eCommerce Sales During Covid-19

For a while now, consumers have been embracing the convenience of online shopping. It’s the reason why malls are closing in favor of Amazon and other large online retailers. But for small / medium sized business owners who rely on locals for sales – there hasn’t always been a need to have an ecommerce store. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it necessary to have ecommerce for your business. As of right now, nobody knows what the future holds for small businesses. Additionally, adding an ecommerce store to your website is the best option available to keep your business afloat if you are dependent on retail sales. 

Customers are quickly adapting and ordering online

All US residents have been affected by social distancing and stay at home orders the past five months. This has had a large impact on online sales and will forever change ecommerce. Eventually all of the restrictions will be lifted but that won’t change the habits consumers have developed during quarantine. People will still continue to use online sales from their favorite retailers purely for convenience. Just like the businesses who hesitated to transition into adding online sales – there were plenty of consumers who used to hesitate to order products online. Fortunately for you, quarantine has made those consumers transition to ordering their products online. Businesses who have already added ecommerce to their websites have already seen the benefits. 

Being mobile optimized with optimization, makes Google and customers happy

That being said, it’s still a good idea to optimize your online sales. A lot of ecommerce sales come from mobile – so having your website designed for mobile will increase your sales. If your website has too much clutter or is too difficult for mobile users then mobile users will be discouraged to continue using your ecommerce site. Search engines also take into account how mobile friendly your website is when ranking a google search. Meaning – the more optimized your website is for mobile the higher it will appear on a google search. 

Keep the checkout process simple

When designing your ecommerce website – be sure to make the checkout process as efficient and streamlined as possible. This may seem like a no-brainer but the more you make a potential customer do, the less likely they will see through the entire process. Ideally, a customer should be able to find and select their product and go through their entire checkout process no more than five clicks. 

Provide a series of options

The last tip to increase your online sales is to provide as many payment options as possible. Consumers have more control than ever before in terms of how they actually pay for products online. By offering more payment options, especially newer services that are becoming increasingly popular on mobile, you’re making it easier for customers to give you their money. The last thing you want is a customer to find the product they want and then see that you don’t have the payment option they were looking for. In conclusion, while there hasn’t been a lot of good to come out of this pandemic for business owners, you can use this opportunity to set up your business for the future of online sales. 

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