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Advantages to Websites Designed for TeleMedicine

With the rise of popularity with ordering products and services online – why not add online services for your practice? TeleMedicine, also known as TeleHealth has many benefits for both primary care and specialists. TeleHealth/TeleMedicine is defined as the delivery and facilitation of medical and health-related services via telecommunications and digital communications technologies. LaunchUX has helped several medical practices make the transition to telemedicine easier by incorporating all of their services and forms into their current website.

Here are 5 main benefits of TeleMedicine:

Telemedicine increases access for patients

Distance and travel time between patients and care providers can limit access to healthcare. Telemedicine overcomes distance and geographical barriers to healthcare, especially for specialized providers. Telemedicine can be particularly beneficial for patients in medically underserved communities and those in rural locations where there tend to have less healthcare providers. Telemedicine helps stretch provider networks in new ways to expand access for healthcare.

Improves patient satisfaction

Telemedicine makes it easier for patients to stay engaged in their healthcare. Patients tend to enjoy telemedicine for the convenience of not having to travel to the physical location. Patients also save money due to telemedicine which adds to their overall experience and encourages them to come back to your practice. Patients love the flexibility of real time care with their providers.

Improves the quality of healthcare

Technology can improve the service and delivery of treatment for acute conditions that before would have required an unnecessary ER visit. Telemedicine also reduces the expenses of caring for a patient or having to transport them to another location. It also makes the process of receiving treatment easier for patients that have to travel long distances to receive care.

Reduces healthcare costs

Online visits are cheaper than visiting the practice in person for both the patient and the provider – the patient saves money by not having to travel, pay for parking, daycare, etc.. and the provider saves money by reducing the expenses of having to care for a person onsite.

Increases the income of your practice

Not only does telemedicine reduce overhead costs but it also decreases the average time of visit – making telemedicine less time consuming than traditional medicine practices. The convenience of telemedicine also reduces the number of no-shows. The convenience of the visits will also encourage some patients to schedule more visits than they normally would if they had to visit in person.

Telemedicine should support and not replace, traditional healthcare practices. With telemedicine, care providers can continue to care for patients in-person while still providing the convenience of seeing patients online for follow up visits and check-ups. Technology can improve the quality of healthcare and make it accessible to more people. Telemedicine may provide opportunities to make healthcare more efficient, better coordinated and closer to home.

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