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Everything You Need to Succeed: Website Hosting Plans

LaunchUX Web Hosting

How does a $10/month website become a $50/month website hosting fiasco?

One add-on at a time.

The major players in the web hosting world (you may have seen their Super Bowl ads) like to lure customers in with what at first seems to be a very attractive monthly website hosting rate, but it is quickly discovered that the introductory price is for a basic (extremely BASIC) package that pretty much only includes the hosting.

But there’s more to launching a website than simply renting space on a server.

If you want managed upgrades and updates (which you do), an SSL certificate (of course), routine backups (can you afford not to?), and privacy protection (trust us, you want this) –

With those companies, they often come at an additional cost.

And suddenly your monthly website hosting rate has grown out of control.

And we haven’t even factored in the initial web building and design costs yet.

LaunchUX, on the other hand, recognizes that so-called “add-ons” like security, speed and SEO are actually essentials.

So we include them.

We offer several tiered packages depending on your website’s actual needs, and all of our tiers include everything you need to launch your project successfully.

All of the essentials are here.

A text-driven personal blog won’t cost as much as a high-level eCommerce site (because of their vastly different sizes), but both sites (and their respective visitors) deserve the same essentials, peace-of-mind and transparent billing.

Here is what LaunchUX offers its customers:

1. A flat monthly rate.

The flat monthly rate is based on a clear and transparent tier, generally determined by the website’s overall size and behind-the-scenes time commitment.

We’ll get more specific below, but all of the tiers include the security measures, maintenance and optimization that every website needs.

The major players in this industry often start with a tantalizingly attractive low monthly rate, but that number doesn’t include any of the features that are considered standard today.

When all of the “add-ons” are tallied, the actual monthly fee can be quite cumbersome.

At LaunchUX, we consider the so-called “add-ons” to be essential, so we’ve included them in our low up-front price.

2. Hosting services.

The secret of cyberspace is that every website has to be hosted – or stored – on servers in the physical world so that users’ computers and phones can access it as needed.

At LaunchUX we will host your website on our own servers that we control and maintain.

Additionally, your website will be located in four different locations to reduce the risk of downtime.

3. Managed upgrades and updates.

With Windows 7 winding down and the recent NSA alert regarding a critical Windows security vulnerability, upgrades and updates are a growing topic of conversation – and stress.

Whether they are entire operating systems, new iterations of existing software or security patches, it is critical that businesses (and consumers) remain up-to-date to maintain basic website functionality and reap the associated SEO benefits that come with a properly maintained website.

Without proper updates, your site could become a security risk to your customers or portions of it could simply stop functioning.

You owe it to yourself, your business and your visitors to provide optimal browsing experiences, and that requires updates and upgrades.

4. SSL certificates.

SSL certificates protect you and your customers by encrypting data exchanged through your website.

They are typically denoted with small padlock icons (often green) next to the web address bar, and it is immediately apparent to visitors whether or not the website has one.

Savvy customers will click away immediately if one isn’t present, but even those who continue to read your page won’t complete a transaction or enter in any personal information because the risk of exposure is too high.

SSL certificates are one of the quickest and easiest ways to secure your website and give your customers peace of mind.

And, again, there is an SEO benefit because it is in Google’s interest that their search feature direct people to secure websites.

Phishing sites and scammers aren’t likely to take the extra step, pay the extra money or attach their real names to their websites – all of which are required for SSL certificates.

5. Privacy protection.

When you buy a domain, your information is listed publicly.

Many hosting companies offer privacy protection as an “add-on” benefit.

But at LaunchUX, we believe that protecting your private information is essential, so we include it in our up-front price.

The only thing “transparent” should be what you’re getting and how much it will cost – not your information.

6. Routine backups.

Many companies offer a backup service for your website so in case of a catastrophic failure, it can be recovered and back up as quickly as possible.

But the “backup plan” that is being offered can be as limited as one snapshot per month.

While that might be acceptable for a personal blog or other basic sites that aren’t updated very frequently (although it would still leave you vulnerable to losing your latest posts), this is extremely problematic for an eCommerce site that processes transactions all day and night.

A site like that would require multiple backups daily so at LaunchUX we offer triple daily backups as part of our up-front price.

7. Enhanced web server capabilities.

Many web hosting companies rely on Apache, a tried-and-true open source web server to direct traffic on their websites.

However, at LaunchUX, we rely on the faster and more secure alternative: LiteSpeed.

And, again, there is a natural SEO benefit because your website’s page speed insights will be higher.

Plus, as with the SSL certificate, Google favors security.

8. SEO benefits.

SEO is complicated and ever-changing, but its core is actually pretty simple: Google rewards websites that make an effort.

And more effort equals more reward.

When we talk about SEO and hosting, we are talking about technical SEO rather than content SEO (keyword, headings, etc.).

Technical SEO includes aspects of your website’s construction that make it more secure (SSL certificates), load faster (LiteSpeed), and other features that enhance a visitor’s user experience.

Of course, we are also experienced and knowledgeable in content SEO as well.


What other companies call “add-ons,” at LaunchUX, we call them essentials so we include them in all of our website hosting packages with transparent, up-front pricing.

This includes managing your site’s updates and upgrades to secure your website and protect the personal information of both you and your visitors as well as regular backups so that if the worst happens, you’re ready and running again as quickly as possible with minimal downtime.

Additionally, you, your site and your visitors will all benefit from our faster, more secure web server software, and your site will be more easily found because of the technical SEO benefits on the backend.

Security, speed and SEO aren’t “add-ons.”

They’re essentials.

In addition to our website hosting capabilities, we we also provide full-service web building, search engine optimization and social services.

Contact us today to discuss your website project and how our comprehensive website hosting packages can get your site up and running with everything it needs out of the gate.

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