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The Impact of Geofencing Technology

This story was featured in the Fall edition of The Urban Connection Central PA’s leading publication for diversity, inclusion and multicultural news.

To get the strongest impact for a business, non-profit, or recruiting effort a look at geofencing technology is likely the most powerful method of getting your message to the right individuals.  The internet has changed the way we go about advertising and the dominance of smartphones has provided further direct access to consumers and job seekers.

Geofences are invisible and controlled by the internet.  They can be as small as a few feet, a specific address, or entire cities.  A good example would be looking at a postcard mailing.  It gets mailed to people in a specific location.  The problem that arises is that the postcard is often generalized since we do not know who in the zip code is interested in a music event or seeking a new career.  The postcard does go to the geographical location they wanted to target, but it cannot allow the mailings to be tailored based on age, education and other interests that individuals may have.

With geofencing, we can target, specific individuals that meet the targeted advertising group for an area.  In a growing region like Dauphin County, collecting talented professionals that are geographically diverse is important.  The ability to find and recruit these individuals is paramount.  By combining technologies such as Google Ads, with Facebook and other technologies, individuals in a region that fit the criteria for the advertisement or message will see it as they browse the internet or scroll through their Facebook feed.

From a lifestyle and tourism perspective, geofencing can be used to promote people to come in from neighboring cities.   While they are visiting our community, they might enter in other geofences that promote job opportunities in the area or homes available for sale.  It provides an experience based on their current geographic location that provides a personalized experience that can be unique for every region visitor.

This is a fantastic technology, and anyone can do it! It is not cost-prohibitive and, in most cases, provides a higher interaction rate for individuals to inquire, apply or make a phone call.  Restaurants could target guests at local hotels and even though someone is not from around the area, they are viewing information on their computer that makes them feel welcome.  The same technology could be used for travelers along the highways and interstates to boost local tourism, while also promoting career opportunities and relocation information as well.  This is an excellent use of technology that acts as a catalyst to bring people together.

The opportunities are limitless and with over 80% of individuals utilizing their smartphones to help them make decisions, the ability to reach them is very powerful.  This helps to create a culture of geographical diversity within our communities and further the on-going growth.

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