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Benefits of Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel

One of the amazing tools to be created by Facebook for marketers is the Facebook pixel.  It is a powerful advertising tool that communicates between your website and your Facebook Ad Account to help you gauge the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns as well as to reach new, targeted audiences.

There are several benefits you can enjoy from using Facebook pixels. A few are as follows:

Conversion tracking

Facebook pixel allows you to track every visitor’s interactions on your site once they click on your ads. This helps you to see if your ads are working or not, and can be used to tweak your adverts to enhance your ROI.

Data acquisition

Facebook pixel allows you to acquire data from your audience so you can retarget, track conversions, build audiences and optimize your sales funnel.

Ads troubleshooting

Facebook pixel allows you to troubleshoot your adverts more efficiently in the case you are not getting the desired results. It also helps to ensure your adverts are seen by audience who are likely to take your desired action.

How can Facebook pixel help your business?

The Facebook pixel gives you deeper insights into your marketing strategy. When someone clicks through to your website from ads you place and takes an action, your Facebook pixel will be triggered and helps you measure the true conversion rate of your adverts. This allows you to see how many users actually complete the desired action, like filling out a landing page or buying a product – all on Facebook.

Gathering information about your site’s visitors and their interest allows you to build targeted adverts on Facebook that will give you a high return on your investments.

Furthermore, Facebook pixel can be used to reward your customer’s loyalty. With the data you have collected, you can foster loyalty with your customers. You can deliver special adverts to your audience who have made a purchase and give them discounts on related items or even a free gift.

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