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7 SEO Lies ‘Digital Marketers’ May Tell You

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In this high tech age it is hard to sort out providers, who know what they are doing and those who excel in their field.  We find that many so called ‘Digital Marketers’ who say they offer SEO services, tell these seven lies to unsuspecting clients.  If a sales person for a digital marketing firm tell you any of these, they likely are not the real deal.

As you look for someone to help with SEO, you need to identify the these lies, the lady or fellow you are talking to only knows the buzzwords.

Lie #1: I Can Get You Ranked #1 in Google

We do not know how this lie is still so overwhelmingly popular considering Google has even come out and said nobody can guarantee rankings.  It may sound like a great line and it is, but it is totally untrue.  The only company that may be able to make that promise is Google, but your SEO guy doesn’t work for them and you don’t either.

No matter what anyone tells you they cannot rank you in the first spot. Below is an excerpt direct from Google to read to anyone who says they can.

“Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.” –Google

Lie #2: We Pay Google for #1 Rankings

If you are told that an SEO provider can pay to have you ranked first this is untrue.  Accepting money is not part of Google’s search algorithm.  Sure they can pay for Google Ad’s, but even Google states on their website the following about paid advertisements, “Keep in mind that the Google search results page includes organic search results and often paid advertisement (denoted as “Ads” or “Sponsored”) as well. Advertising with Google won’t have any effect on your site’s presence in our search results. Google never accepts money to include or rank sites in our search results.”

Google Advertising campaigns last as long as you pay for them. As soon as you stop paying Google AdWords you are back to where you were before.  AdWords has its place, but is not an SEO booster.  It is just like paying for an ad in a newspaper.  The ad is there as long as you pay for it, but when you stop paying, they do not keep printing it.

Lie #3: Every Industry Is the Same

If your SEO advisor is telling you that every industry is the same, then you need to be concerned.  Does a bakery appeal to the same audience as a landscaping company?  Does a crane company appeal to the same audience as an apartment complex?  The answer is no.  Just like traditional marketing, every industry and company within that industry segment has its own target market.  Search engine optimization is needed for your target market to find you. It is not a one size fits all strategy.  Your business, industry, and target market is all unique.  You need a unique strategy to dominate the search results for those who are most likely to purchase your product.

Ideally you should find an SEO professional with either experience in marketing your type of business or one who is willing to learn the specifics of your business and communicate with you frequently.

Not all industries are created equal.  Business and professional services are much more competitive in the SEO world.  Some industries such as manufacturing are easier to dominate as they each typically have a more specific niche and target.

Google has stated on their webmaster site that many SEO’s who are unethical have given the process a black eye by trying to market in a manner that does not fit the industry.  Unfortunately, this can cause you to have negative results instead of moving forward.

Lie #4: We can Do SEO in one Month for a Flat Fee and That is All You Need

You may not like this one, but SEO cannot be done in one month.  The basics to get the foundation setup can be done in a month, but SEO is a long term strategy that requires a lot of time and energy.

No company can do all the steps to get your SEO in place in a month.  Likely what you get is the ground work of something you could do on your own, with nothing else.

When you are hunting for an SEO provider, find one that explains it as a process that takes time. Even more importantly, find a provider that is willing to sit down with you once or twice a month to explain the progress and the next steps.

Google releases search algorithm updates all of the time.  You need someone that understands them.  I do not have to explain how fast technology changes, but a one and done provider is going to do little good in the long run.

Please as you talk to people, do not look at the price tag initially.  Price is important, but often times those who promise a lot and have a lower price tag are not going to do much good.  You want an SEO provider with a strategy, an action plan, and can map out the steps to be taken over the next six to eight months.  It takes time to get results in SEO and as I mentioned it is a science in a way.  An SEO provider that has data scientists and information specialists instead of just marketers is a great bet.

Lie #5: You Need to Get as Many Links and Keywords as Possible

This is a two for one lie. Keyword density and credible links are fantastic, but unfortunately most so called professional models can now get you slapped with an SEO penalty from most search providers.

Keywords and links are important, but how you arrive at them now is even more vital.

It wasn’t too long ago so called experts would use spam style tactics to get links for their client sites.  With recent updates to Google and other search providers this time has passed.  Back in the day, spam style tactics worked well.  Google considered sites with the most links the most credible, but now Google has shifted to link quality.  Having spam style links on a lot of sites actually hurts your site’s reputation enough that Google now allows you to disavowal these links.  SEO is not the popularity contest of who had the most links wins anymore.

Moving Forward

We hope that this information is helpful and will help you avoid getting a provider that will not create effective results for your business.  To learn more about effective strategies and SEO marketing practices, please inquire with us at [email protected] or 717-850-0077.

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