Google’s June 2021 Core Update and Why You Should Care

As we trek through 2021, it becomes time for Google to put out another update. But why should you care? For one, Google is the most visited website in the world. This may seem obsolete, but because of Google’s power, they affect a lot of other websites, specifically finding other websites. Google uses an algorithm when you search for something, and over time things change, which in turn, causes Google to need to update their algorithm accordingly. This can really impact other website’s traffic and exposure. 

What is the June 2021 Core Update?

Google’s latest update is the June 2021 Core Update. It rolled out on 2 June 2021, with effects of the updates being noticed days and weeks later. This update is not their largest update, but SEO experts are seeing the impact, both good and bad. However, if your website is suffering because of this latest update, fear not. Google announced that they are rolling out another update in July. This second update will include things that were not ready in time for the June update so it is anticipated that the update will not be dramatic. 

What do I do if my business takes a hit?

Google has offered some advice to those that are wanting to improve their traffic and SEO after the update has rolled out. Essentially, it is suggested that you make sure that your content is original and relevant, that you are using other sources, and that you are putting the right kind of headlines and page titles for your content. Google also released their own blog post explaining why they do updates and how it improves the user experience. 

While some businesses may not see themselves the effects of the June 2021 Core Update, it is important to be aware of these updates and understand how they can positively or negatively affect your website. Core updates are meant to help, so getting a grasp on how it will affect you and your business can ensure you get the most out of your website.

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