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Key Insights Prove that Infographics are Effective in Conveying Information

We all know what infographics are. They are images that depict information. But do you know why infographics are such an important tool to utilize? Oftentimes when we think of infographics we may think, “eh, what is the big deal? I could have read that as plain text and gotten the same experience”. But infographics are unique in the way that they present information. How we receive information affects us, whether it be conscious or not. Understanding the importance of infographics can help you to interpret them, but also utilize them. 

Eye Catching

    You are scrolling through another website, looking for some statistics, when suddenly you find an infographic that contains all of the data that you need. Infographics catch the eye. When you are looking for something and an advertisement pops up you look at it. The colors and sometimes movement gets your attention. Infographics work the same way. The graphics and colors and even animation can be eye catching and draw in your audience. 


    People are constantly being influenced by the media they are taking in. Media like pictures and videos are very good at persuading people one way or another. Infographics work the same way. Images are able to grab people’s attention and run with it. People are easily influenced by images and so infographics are a great tool to use when trying to persuade your audience. 

Demonstrate your knowledge

    When you think about what an infographic looks like, what do you picture? Statistics? Numbers? Infographics are a great way to take data and put it in a format that is easy to comprehend. Using infographics with data or facts demonstrates your knowledge of whatever your infographic is about. 

Easy to comprehend

    Infographics are one of the easiest ways to read and analyze data. Sometimes when statistics or numbers are put on paper in plain text, it can be difficult to decipher. Putting information like that into an infographic makes the information easier to read and easier to understand. Pairing graphs and statistics and images together can make it so much simpler for your audience to understand what you are talking about. 

Good for SEO

    Search engine optimization is something businesses should never stop thinking about. Adding infographics to your content that you are putting out is a great way to help your search engine optimization, or SEO. Search engines like Google love to see infographics because they are easy to share. They can be linked to and shared and Google loves to see websites intermingling. If it is good for SEO, adding infographics is a great thing to try. 


    Infographics are super easy to share, which makes them a great addition to any website. When something like an infographic is shared by another site, your website is going to be linked to that infographic. People will be able to find you from your content. Infographics are a great tool to get your brand out there more. 

Easy to track

    Because infographics are usually still images, they are very simple to track. It is super simple to do a reverse image search and find all the places your infographic has gone. Being able to track the sharing of your content and give you insights as to who your audience is and who is sharing your content. 

Better for the brain

    Did you know that the brain processes different types of information in different ways? Your brain even processes images differently than it does plain text. So, when you are using infographics, that information is being processed differently. The brain likes bright colors and is attracted to things like infographics.

    There are a lot of different advantages to using infographics in your content creation. Using them targets a different part of your brain and is eye catching and is a great way to share content. Infographics are not super hard to make either. So do not delay, start making infographics today!

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