LaunchUX Bolsters Web Agency Status with 25Penn Marketing Acquisition

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LaunchUX Bolsters Web Agency Status with 25Penn Marketing Acquisition

Acquisition of 25Penn Marketing

LaunchUX: Elevating Web Development and SEO Services Nationwide

Since 2017, LaunchUX, based in Chambersburg, PA, has become a prominent player in web development, search optimization, and hosting. Through their data-driven approach and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, LaunchUX has garnered widespread recognition and accolades. Moreover, the company’s dedication recently earned them a prestigious National Excellence Award in 2023. This achievement positions them among the top 1% of service providers nationwide, according to UpCity, a division of Gartner. With a diverse clientele spanning local businesses to e-commerce giants, LaunchUX has solidified its position as a leading web development and SEO agency.

Expanding Horizons: Acquisition of 25Penn Marketing

LaunchUX recently announced the strategic acquisition of 25Penn Marketing, further enhancing its service offering. 25Penn Marketing is a well-established web development and online marketing provider serving the local region for eight years. This acquisition will not only bolster LaunchUX’s capabilities but also solidify its position as a premier web development and SEO agency. In the process of this transition, Bryan Rotz from 25Penn Marketing will join LaunchUX as a Senior Developer. Additionally, LaunchUX Manager, Michael Banks, emphasized the company’s commitment to seamless collaboration, effective communication, and a shared vision for the future. All of these efforts aim to deliver the utmost value to LaunchUX’s esteemed clients.

A Milestone of Growth: LaunchUX’s Unwavering Dedication

The success of LaunchUX can be attributed to the remarkable contributions of its talented team, as acknowledged by Founder Nathan Neil. With deep gratitude for their efforts, Neil recognizes the team’s instrumental role in the company’s recognition and achievements. Moving forward, LaunchUX remains steadfast in their mission to prioritize customer success and innovation. Furthermore, the acquisition of 25Penn Marketing represents a significant milestone in LaunchUX’s ongoing growth and success story. With expanded capabilities and an unyielding commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes, LaunchUX is poised to continue serving clients across the country. Brandon Smith, VP of LaunchUX, humorously remarked, “We’re like the Pac-Man of the tech world – always ready to level up! Remember though, despite our expanding abilities, we still haven’t found the ‘undo’ button for 2020. But when it comes to building spectacular websites, we’re your team!”

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