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Top website design trends going into 2023

Top website designs going into 2023

Having a great-looking website design is more critical than ever before. With visitors’ attention spans extremely short, you need to be sure to impress them and provide a user-friendly experience to captivate visitors and get them to convert. Let’s take a look at some of the top website design trends going into 2023 so that you can assess whether or not your website is up to the challenge.

Parallax and Dynamic Scrolling

One extremely popular design trend that has taken effect in late 2022 is parallax scrolling. This unique effect is utilized to create a 3D dynamic experience for your website visitors. With parallax scrolling, the background images on your website move slower than the foreground images.

It’s crucial to note that parallax scrolling isn’t a new effect. Some website owners have been using it for years. However, since it’s caught on, website visitors now expect no less than a 3D experience from any website that they visit, including yours.

Interactive Websites

When users land on your website, you want them to interact with it. This interaction helps to keep users’ attention and increases the amount of time that your website has to sell them on your products and services. Interactive websites are simply defined as those that use interactive features to communicate with visitors.

Some good examples of interactive features include social media applications, click animations, short games, quizzes, chat widgets, and forms. These all create great ways to get visitors to interact with your website. You can even go further with interactive UX design. In 2023, it’s ideal to include a multitude of these interactive features to entertain and retain your visitors.

Bolder Fonts

As we enter into 2023, bolder fonts are the in-style. This works effectively to grab the attention of visitors and allow them to easily discern where they can find key information that they’re looking for without having to undergo endless reading. Remember that you only have seconds to attract a user’s attention before they hit the back button. Make your key information bold and easily read.

Small-Micro Animations

Micro-animations are an extremely important trend going into 2023 for any business website. While you may think of animations as kid’s play, they’re actually perfect for simplifying hard-to-understand concepts. Instead of having three paragraphs explaining the products and services that you offer, you can opt for a micro-animation that can explain it within 10 seconds.

Apart from simplifying concepts for your website visitors, micro-animations also play a key role in setting your website apart. People are more likely to remember your brand when you associate it with a micro-animation. Remember that video is the most memorable form of communication online because it reaches a variety of senses.

Helpful Chatbots

While chatbots have been around for a few years, they’re now considered a standard. These chatbots provide a great way for visitors to connect with your business to handle any questions and alert customers of potential savings. For example, your chatbot can suggest products to specific visitors based on their demographics. They can even answer customer support questions, like how to return an item.

VR Experiences

If you’re like most, you’ve tested out virtual reality games. These real-life user experiences are becoming a very trendy way to connect with customers and sell your products and services. In fact, major brands like IKEA are seeing major sale increases with the implementation of their virtual reality of showing a piece of furniture in the visitor’s home.

These VR experiences help users to interact directly with your product offerings. Think of a 3D walking tour for a potential home through one of the countless real estate apps. This virtual reality experience creates a strong exposure for the website visitors and has them feeling like they’ve already experienced your products first-hand.

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Experience

With 50% of internet users saying that they are less likely to engage with websites that have a poor mobile design, it’s more important than ever before to have a mobile-friendly website. Referred to as responsive designs, these help to ensure that your website loads clearly and in an eye-pleasing fashion for visitors who are viewing your website via their smartphone.

An added need going into 2023 is a thumb-friendly mobile design. People want to be able to easily navigate through your website without having to use two hands. By taking the time to ensure that they can move around with simply the movement of their thumb, you can keep visitors engaging with your website for longer.

With just under 90% of website visitors switching to a competitor’s website after a poor website experience, the design of your business’s website is more important than ever before. If you want to be successful going into 2023, you need to be incorporating these key design elements that enhance your visitors’ experiences with your brand. Don’t let your competitors have a better website – contact us today!

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