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Why You Shouldn’t Use GoDaddy Hosting

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If you’ve been searching for a host for your website, you must have come across GoDaddy. It’s a renowned domain registrar and website host across the world. And that’s not all, this brand also prides itself on offering some of the cheapest services to its users. Sounds exactly like what you need, right?

Well, you better hold your horse, because everything is not as rosy as it seems.

In this article, we take you through some of the valid reasons as to why you shouldn’t use GoDaddy hosting. Ready to learn? Let’s dig in!

Bait Pricing

GoDaddy might be known to invest a lot of money in advertisements and exposure, but when it comes to their services, they sneakily false advertise. First, their advertised prices are only valid for a year. This is their way of getting you into signing with them. But once you do, they will ensure to trap you in with no other option but to pay more exaggerated renewal rates. Their charges include things you don’t even need.

For example, while other web hosting service providers don’t charge for WhoIS Privacy, Basic Landing Page Customizations, and SSL Certificates, you will have to pay for them when using GoDaddy.

So, for a non-technical beginner, who doesn’t have any idea about website development, you can easily fall prey. And by the time you discover the “lie”, you will be so deep inside that getting out won’t be as easy as ABC.

Furthermore, GoDaddy has this habit of advertising some of its website building plan services as basics, which you need to effectively run/manage your website when in real sense you can do without them. Some of them include SEO packages without specific details on how things are going to work out for your site.

GoDaddy Owns Your Domain

Normally, with other website hosting providers, whenever you purchase a domain, you reserve all the rights to use it until the expiry of your lease. Moreover, even when your lease expires, you can buy it again, or choose not to and let it be returned to the pool.

However, with GoDaddy, if you forget to pay for your domain or it expires, they take it back as their own. And when you want it back, they expect you to pay more money for it or completely forget about it.

Not User Friendly

One of the reasons why you’re taking your business online is because you want to reach out to your clients/potential clients with ease, right? And that means having access to them whenever you need, something you can only achieve with the ease and flexibility of a standard admin interface.

Shock on you! GoDaddy will only offer you a proprietary admin interface, which gives you as a developer limited functionality. You will take more time to finish some tasks, and that will be expensive even for your clients. I wish they could just focus on giving developers all the necessary tools they need than just imposing on you more products to buy!

Brace Yourself for Crowded Servers

In a world where things are in constant motion, what you need is a fast website to complement the needs of your users. Unfortunately, it seems like GoDaddy live on their own planet, where what matters is their profits.

You see, when your site loads faster, it boosts your user experience. The results? You will see more conversion rates and increased online visibility compared to when everything is all slow and stale.

With GoDaddy sharing your server with thousands of other users and putting a CPU limit in their shared servers, you’re bound to experience a lot of issues.

Just imagine a scenario where every user is trying to upload multiple files using the same server! The servers will simply fail. Total disaster!

That Important Email May Not Get to You

The email services of GoDaddy might be enticing at a glance, but a deeper look reveals otherwise. For instance, GoDaddy will offer you a 500 emails professional per day limit, but without the useful basic email whitelisting feature.

The Result? You risk having even your most important emails being blocked by their spam detector. Many people are already complaining about this, so you shouldn’t take it lightly either.

The funny thing is that you might be able to receive a spammy email, but miss an important one. Beats logic, right? It’s even worse because you’ve to pay for this feature when you can get it for free from other hosting service providers.

In Conclusion

There you have it, the 5 reasons why you shouldn’t use GoDaddy hosting. If you had any doubts before, we hope we have answered all your questions and helped try to reconsider your choice. You can also switch providers if you’re already in and save yourself from further turmoil. Feel free to consult where you’re stuck. All the best!

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