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Social Media Coach

A Social Media Marketing Coach can be a powerful ally for business owners who want to strengthen
their social media presence, but either aren’t sure where to start or want to make sure that they are
using the optimal strategies for their chosen platforms.

These stakes are especially high for solopreneurs, local agents and network marketers because they
stand to gain the most from social media – but only if they use it effectively.

And to be effective on social media, posts need to be engaging, consistent and on-message.

The problem is that…

Businesses of all sizes need a social media presence, but small to medium-sized businesses and growing
startups struggle the most with selecting, coordinating and maintaining their social media presence for
two reasons:

First, due to budgetary restrictions, they often have to keep their marketing efforts in-house.
Second, they are often too busy running their businesses to create and maintain a unified social media

Without the time do it properly or the resources to outsource it, these businesses often do more harm
than good by:

– Posting erratically and ineffectively
– Failing to actively engage their customers
– Focusing on the wrong social media networks entirely

How can business owners that are strapped for time and cash succeed when modern marketing is
dominated by social media?

The answer is…

A Social Media Marketing Coach is an alternative solution that allows businesses to keep it in-house
while alleviating the time-crunch. Social Media Coaches provide consulting advice on which strategies
are currently proving to be the most effective (social media is constantly changing) and develop a set of
guidelines for your employees to make posts that deliver maximum impact.

Here are some examples of types of businesses that commonly face this dilemma – and how a Social Media Marketing Coach can:

– Help them engage with their customers
– Be found by customers who are searching for them
– Cut through the clutter of social media to reach their target audience

1. Solopreneurs

Solopreneurs are single-member business owners, which makes them the smallest of the small
businesses, but only in terms of personnel. The solopreneur’s lack of overhead costs combined with
their inherent nimbleness, leaves a lot of room for potential profit if they can reach their customers. Their time is limited, so they have to make sure they get the biggest bang for their buck in terms of social media performance.

Because they generally work in highly specialized creative niches, it is important that they find the social
media platforms that their customers are using, so they don’t waste time and energy. There are lots of
social media platforms out there today, and trying to manage them all can be a nightmare. A Social
Media Marketing Coach can help solopreneurs identify which networks to focus on and which ones to
avoid. Investing too much time and energy into fruitless networks will only wear you out and dilute your

2. Local Agents

Local agents are representatives of a larger organization or corporation that oversee a particular
territory. They usually have “agent” in their title – real estate agent or insurance agent – but sometimes
they are the owner of a franchise or they are an authorized dealer of a particular product or vehicle.
Local agents often receive some marketing assistance from the parent company, but they still need some help
capturing their localized market and they don’t have the resources to hire or outsource.

A Social Media Marketing Coach can help local agents enhance their local listings by making sure they
are found and increasing their ranking in the local business listings. They can also make sure that local
agents are reaching out to the correct audiences. For example, residential real estate agents and
commercial real estate agents should be using different social media strategies in order to be successful.

3. Network Marketers

Network marketing has exploded on social media in recent years, and for good reason – it typically relies
on friends selling to friends or other known relations, and these connections are readily facilitated by
social media. Network markets exist for virtually every product category, which makes standing out from
the crowd an imperative. More than that, social media is often the entirety of the network marketer’s
sales space, so the posts have to generate sales before the customer can scroll on by.

A Social Media Marketing Coach helps network marketers by ensuring that their social media presence
cuts through the noise, engages the consumer and leads to more conversions.

Social + Media + Networking

Contact us today to schedule a meeting with a marketing consultant who will help you strike the perfect
balance of social, media and networking.


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