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How many Facebook Likes Should I Have?

Facebook Likes

How many Facebook likes should I have?

“I need more Facebook Likes” is a thought every business owner has. Knowing the importance of having a Facebook is something almost all business owners understand. The goal of Facebook is to provide relevant & engaging content that reaches Facebook users- keeping you top of mind. One thing business owners may be uncertain of is how many Facebook likes they should have. Keep reading to find out how to determine how many Facebook likes you should have.

Your Market

Having a younger market may get you more engagement on your media sites. It is very possible that the younger crowd will choose to engage with you through other media sites like tagging your location on Instagram, or using your location tag filter on Snapchat stories. The middle age crowd is more likely to find you using Facebook. An older market may not be using social media as much as the younger crowd. Don’t be discouraged if your specific market isn’t as active on social media.

Your Location

Are you in a large populated area? Businesses in a larger population should have a higher expectation of how many likes your business should have. In a small town with a lower population, a smaller number of likes is perfectly fine! Check out other businesses in your area to see where you range.

How many Customers you actually have

Some businesses may only have 20 customers a year- in cases similar to those, a smaller amount of Facebook likes is expected. Compare this to a coffee shop who could have 20 customers in 30 minutes; businesses similar that should have more likes!

How long have you been in business?

Businesses that have been around for more than a decade have had many more opportunities to gain likes. A steady growth every month, a nice established page will form. Don’t be hard on yourself if you are a new business and the likes aren’t to where you want them to be- they will come!

Quality over quantity

The quality of your posts is more important than how many people like your page. One like from a loyal customer is better than 50 likes from random people who aren’t customers. You should be really concentrating on the reach of your posts & the engagement with the posts- the likes will naturally follow.


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