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From Page Three to Page One OVERNIGHT?! How LaunchUX’s Website Hosting Service Solved This Company’s SEO Woes.

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When it comes to search engine optimization, the right words will get you far, but they might not get you all the way. There are many other factors at the website hosting service level that come into play.

A company that sells and services trailers discovered this when they approached LaunchUX about their poor search ranking on Google. When it came to organic searches, they just couldn’t get any closer to their customers than page three despite their solid content strategy and keyword management.

Like most industries, trailer sales relies heavily on SEO to edge out competition. When potential customers search for “trailers for sale,” “trailers in my area” or “trailer supplies,” the first company to offer a solution at an agreeable price gets the business. Even people who enjoy shopping around are unlikely to venture all the way to page three.

After all of the time and money they had invested at that point, the company wanted answers.

What was going on?

After everything else had fallen short, could LaunchUX’s website hosting service finally get them to page one?

Checking Under the Hood

The customer-facing content looked good, so Nathan Neil put the website through its paces and performed a series of scans to better understand how the site was performing at the technical level. The problem was immediately apparent: their website was failing all of the speed-based measures.

When we think of website loading times, we generally think in terms of inconvenience (and frustration) for the human visitor. Even a three-second wait can send half of your potential customers clicking away to a competitor. However, Google and the other search engines also take speed into consideration.

Businesses, customers and Google all want the same thing: secure, FAST-LOADING WEB PAGES that deliver quality, regularly-updated content whether it is accessed on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

If you’re not an experienced web builder, it is easy to focus on the content side of things. After all, it’s your business’s core messaging, and the content is often generated to address specific problems encountered in the field. This is a great start, but true optimization is in the details.

It can be much more difficult to incorporate things like SSL certificates for security, mobile-friendly design elements and – as our trailer-selling friends discovered – loading times.

But if even one of these pieces is missing, your search engine ranking will suffer. In this case it meant the difference between page one and page three.

This was an example of how you can have the best content strategy in the world, but if you overlook something on the technical side, you can hinder your results out of the gate.

The next challenge was determining how to get their website up to speed.

Swtiching to LaunchUX’s Custom Server and Website Hosting Service

Slow page-load speeds were apparently the problem, and the solution was obvious.

By transferring their website to LaunchUX’s custom-designed server, Nathan solved their speed problems and got them to page one of the search results overnight.

We generally talk about SEO – particularly organic search – as being a long-term process, so how was it possible for Nathan to achieve these results so quickly?

While other hosting companies rely on open source software such as Apache, LaunchUX uses commercial-grade software and web-building tools like LiteSpeed. We love open source, but professional problems require professional solutions. Using professional software for professional businesses allows companies to put forth the best possible online presence without sacrificing page-load scores.

The results can be clearly demonstrated and measured through scan-based analyses and – most importantly – the search rankings.

Website Hosting Service by LaunchUX

LaunchUX’s website hosting service offer cutting-edge features, outstanding scalability and best-in-class performance.

We also include a 99.9% financially-backed uptime promise. What good is making it to the number one spot if your site is down when people get there? Additionally, we provide around-the-clock support with most incidents resolved in one hour.

LaunchUX offers website hosting service for businesses of all sizes – Starter, Business and Premium – that include everything a website needs to be found online. All three website hosting service packages are secure, backed-up, mobile-friendly and – of course – fast loading.

If your website is buried on page three of the search results and nothing seems to help, contact LaunchUX to discuss how our website hosting service can get you to the top spot.

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