LaunchUX Case Study: Nordic Pure

Business Overview
Nordic Pure is a privately owned manufacturer and distributor of AC and furnace air filters for residential, commercial and healthcare markets. All of their products are made in the USA.

Company Objective
Nordic Pure’s old site was complicated, making it difficult for users to find the right filter size for their air filtration unit. They needed a website with simplified navigation for a seamless shopping experience.

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Day 1 Sales Increase
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Weekly Sales Growth

The LaunchUX Solution
We provided informational pages to explain the differences between Nordic Pure filter models. This helps customers find the filter that best suits their needs. We overhauled their e-commerce to provide easy and secure checkout.

Next Steps
Our specialists are currently working on optimizing Nordic Pure’s inventory. This process can be tedious, considering that there are over 400 sizes of filters. We use keywords that include the size and model details so internet users may find the right filter. As Nordic Pure’s SEO improves, they can drive more traffic to their website. Increased web traffic allows for less dependency on 3rd party e-commerce sites that take 16-25% of the selling price.

The team at LaunchUX delivered exactly what we needed for our eCommerce platform. As a major retailer, it is difficult to find a web developer who can handle the volume of work that is required by our company. LaunchUX developed a fantastic website that made the online ordering process so much easier that on day one we exceeded our average daily sales.”
~ Russell Schmidt, Nordic Pure

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