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LaunchUX Case Study: Nordic Pure AC & Furnace Filters


Nordic Pure is a large manufacturer and retailer of air filters headquartered in Celina, Texas. All of their products are manufactured in the United States, and they ship – usually for free – directly from the manufacturer. Nordic Pure initially focused on wholesale distributor relationships, but they quickly developed their own online storefront in 2004.

Despite having their manufacturing, shipping and sales operations in-house, however, Nordic Pure continued to see the majority of their sales coming through outside retailers including Amazon and Wal-Mart. Third-party sellers can take 16-25% of the selling price.

If Nordic Pure could drive more traffic to their website, they would keep more money per sale.

For customers that did visit their website, they encountered another problem almost immediately. The air filtration market is huge – overwhelmingly so for the casual consumer. It is also painstakingly specific. Filters can vary by size, material, quantities and other factors. On top of that, customer preference can be dictated by anything from specific allergens/contaminants (pollen, pet dander, smoke from wildfires, etc.) to budget. Nordic Pure offers hundreds of primary products with tens of thousands of variations.

When customers arrive at Nordic Pure’s website, they will need to be able to find exactly what they are looking for – even if they don’t know what that is.

It turns out that customers don’t really like thinking about their air filters – at least not as much as Nordic Pure does – but they still need them, and they still need to replace them on a predictable schedule.

Nordic Pure AC & Furnace Air Filters
By partnering with LaunchUX, Nordic Pure was able to turn their potential challenges into opportunities.

Opportunity 1:
Optimize their online presence and the customer experience.

Nordic Pure was uniquely positioned to be able to take ownership of their online customer experience from introduction through product delivery – without relying as heavily on the sales platforms of their retail partners.

Opportunity 2:
Educate their customers to help them find the best solution for their needs.

After making their website easier to find online, they would have an additional opportunity to enhance the shopping experience by introducing specialty products to customers that they would otherwise be unlikely to discover, explore and purchase on their own.

Opportunity 3:
Turn new customers into returning customers by automating the reorder process.

After their customers make educated decisions regarding their air filter selection, Nordic Pure can go one step further by creating a subscription service that automatically ships the right filter to the right customer at the right time.
Skills Needed

Achieving these goals requires advanced knowledge and application of:

  • Website building and design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Enterprise resource planning systems
  • Project management
LaunchUX designed and built Nordic Pure’s website to empower customers to easily identify and purchase the right filter regardless of their previous knowledge. The information on the homepage is organized so browsing customers can access Nordic Pure’s massive inventory by starting with the filter’s size, material or brand. A search bar allows people who know exactly what they want to skip ahead to the filter they need. Product descriptions identify the features and benefits of each filter. The images make the products instantly recognizable to customers.
The air filter space is highly competitive and ranking for specific keywords is quite difficult – especially with a website that has thousands of pages. LaunchUX managed and coordinated the meta descriptions, alt attributes and other crucial elements that go into the contextual part of search engine optimization. The website is fast-loading and secure – even the image-heavy pages.

Nordic Pure had been selling air filters through their own website for more than 15 years when they reached out to LaunchUX. At that time, they were using a Shopify website, but they needed a solution that made it easier to find the proper filters, and generate more awareness about the different types of air filters they offer. Air filters are supposed to be changed on a regular, predictable basis. However, it is easy for customers to forget about them, and it is a hassle to continually order them.

About a year after the website launched, we added an auto-shipment feature to the checkout process where customers could select to receive the filters on a subscription basis. For customers, it means their fans are always performing at the recommended levels. For Nordic Pure it means they lose fewer sales to their customers’ forgetfulness. Combined with Nordic Pure’s free shipping policy, the auto-subscription is a powerful sales and customer retention tool.

Nordic Pure uses NetSuite, a large enterprise resource planning (ERP) system by Oracle, to connect and gain visibility into their manufacturing, shipping and wholesale processes. Essentially, NetSuite covers the entire pipeline from ordering through delivery. LaunchUX helped put together a plan and managed the implementation project of upgrading them to a newer, more sophisticated and streamlined version of NetSuite.

The NetSuite integration project was not part of the original plan, but, fortunately, LaunchUX’s diverse knowledge of software, systems, processes, procedures and project management made us an ideal partner. We were able to adapt to the situation and aid the client in achieving their overall desired goal – even though it was beyond the traditional scope of web design and SEO services.

The overarching goal of our web development and SEO efforts for Nordic Pure were ultimately to increase their sales through their own website.

The result of LaunchUX’s enhancements – web design, SEO, ecommerce and ERP – have boosted Nordic Pure’s weekly revenue through their website by 30% compared to the previous year.

From the end of 2020 to the present, Nordic Pure has improved in search ranking for nearly 4,500 search phrases according to Ahrefs with organic traffic steadily increasing.

Additionally, the soft launch of the auto-shipment garnered more than 600 subscribers for the service – and that was just in the preliminary testing phase.


After the project was completed, LaunchUX has continued to provide ongoing support, upgrades and maintenance to the Nordic Pure website. It is quite rewarding when we can use the full capacity of our experience and capabilities to help clients achieve their goals and grow over time.

This was a very large project – and a very exciting project – that showcases our full range of our abilities including:

  • Developing and optimizing their website
  • Establishing an e-commerce system with auto-shipment functionality
  • Facilitating communication between enterprise report resource management systems and accounting systems with APIs
  • Integrating payment processing and shipping
  • Increasing sales and organic traffic to the website

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We run a large online eCommerce business that has a dedicated customer following with significant traffic. Finding a developer who could develop a website to handle our volume was a challenge. LaunchUX was responsive and has worked to continuously improve our website, adding features to boost site revenue.

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