LaunchUX Case Study: Franklin County Free Press

Business Overview
Franklin County Free Press is a regional online news publication in Central Pennsylvania.

Company Objective
Foreign entities were trying to access the FC Free Press website and intentionally take it down. The constant denial of service attacks were harmful to the website, making it slow and difficult to navigate.

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Traffic Growth
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How We Approached It
The LaunchUX team changed the web hosting and implemented security measures to mitigate those types of attacks. Since we’ve done that, the website has not gone down. We also improved the website for readability and relevant news. This keeps people on the website longer so they can find what they want and be exposed to their advertising for longer periods of time.

Getting to the Publication
With the security issues resolved and an improved user experience in place the publication was able to focus on the news.  Within their first year their users grew by 121% and time spent on the website more than doubled.

Next Steps
The LaunchUX team is continuing to provide support as the publication grows in size, managing the hosting server and developing improvements.  Recently that has included integrations with large regional stakeholders and on-going efforts on improving accessibility.

“The team at LaunchUX has been super helpful and very professional. I would recommend LaunchUX to anyone looking for a dependable, trouble-free home for their business’s website.”

Vicky Taylor

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