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Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Local SEO is the optimization of a website for local search results. Smaller businesses who only have local clients should be focusing their local SEO. Four reasons why small businesses need local SEO: Helps you target locals. Local SEO is very important for mobile searches and it helps you grow local connections. Local SEO adds

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LaunchUX Web Hosting

Everything You Need to Succeed: Website Hosting Plans

How does a $10/month website become a $50/month website hosting fiasco? One add-on at a time. The major players in the web hosting world (you may have seen their Super Bowl ads) like to lure customers in with what at first seems to be a very attractive monthly website hosting rate, but it is quickly

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The Impact of Geofencing Technology

This story was featured in the Fall edition of The Urban Connection Central PA’s leading publication for diversity, inclusion and multicultural news. To get the strongest impact for a business, non-profit, or recruiting effort a look at geofencing technology is likely the most powerful method of getting your message to the right individuals.  The internet has

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The Impact of Site Speed

With the increasing competition in the online world, business professionals are more curious to know the best tactics to ensure audience satisfaction. They are looking for new SEO matric to boost their online presence; but beyond all, they often forget to manage their website speed online. No matter how much time you spend to create

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professional blogs

The Benefits of Blogs for Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

As part of our content marketing services, LaunchUX writes, optimizes and maintains blogs for some of our clients. We primarily write them for regional companies in specialized, highly competitive fields where enhancing SEO rankings and establishing expertise are equally important. And blogs are a great way to achieve both. At LaunchUX, we understand that you

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Google Search Experts

Google My Business Part One: Better Search Ranking, Better Search Results

We’ve spoken before on this blog about Google’s long-view approach towards overall web optimization, which rewards: “Secure, fast-loading websites that deliver quality, regularly-updated content whether it is accessed on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet while maintaining an active social media presence.” It’s a bit of a mouthful, but contained within that single (run-on)

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