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Facebook Likes

How many Facebook Likes Should I Have?

How many Facebook likes should I have? “I need more Facebook Likes” is a thought every business owner has. Knowing the importance of having a Facebook is something almost all business owners understand. The goal of Facebook is to provide relevant & engaging content that reaches Facebook users- keeping you top of mind. One thing

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seo website design content relevance

Four Things That are Affecting Your Website’s Search Ranking

Beyond Keywords It’s no secret that Google sets the general standards for online search, but identifying those standards can be a bit more cryptic, and meeting those standards can be even more challenging. The internet has come a long way from the days of long, repeating strings of keywords at the bottom of geocities pages

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social media video

Four Reasons Why Videos and Social Media are So Effective Together

Videos can be a valuable – and easy – component to incorporate into your content marketing strategy, especially if you already have an established social media presence to serve as your distribution channel. A variety of marketing and technology trends have finally converged to make this the ideal time for your business or organization to

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LaunchUX Joins Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce

WAYNESBORO – LaunchUX, a digital marketing and business consulting firm, is proud to announce that it is officially a member of the Greater Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce. The addition of LaunchUX to the Chamber bolsters both organizations’ efforts to support and grow the Waynesboro business community. LaunchUX uses web design, social media and content marketing

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Project Management Tips

Success is Within Project Management

The phrase “business as usual” calls to mind an image of the same employees performing the same tasks in the same conditions day in and day out with little to no variation. To some managers this may sound ideal because the operations and the output are predictable. However, there are two problems with “business as

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SEO Content Marketing

Five Tips for Successful Content Marketing

The modern customer has developed a very high resistance to advertising. As soon as they suspect that someone is trying to sell them something, they dig in their heels and take a defensive stance. While the claims made in advertising might be technically accurate, there is zero expectation of objectivity, and the skeptical consumer can

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Digital Marketing

Tips to Establishing Your Brand

Establishing your brand is your best chance at taking control of your presence in the marketplace and telling your customers – and your competitors – who you are. Sometimes branding is dismissed by fledgling business owners as a vanity project or a marketing gimmick, but the truth is that it is a fundamental component of

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SEO Services Chambersburg

7 SEO Lies ‘Digital Marketers’ May Tell You

In this high tech age it is hard to sort out providers, who know what they are doing and those who excel in their field.  We find that many so called ‘Digital Marketers’ who say they offer SEO services, tell these seven lies to unsuspecting clients.  If a sales person for a digital marketing firm

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