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Mobile Friendly Sites Have Never Been More Important

In 2016, it was reported that 51.3% of website traffic came from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The typical computer usage in that year was 48.7%. It is nearly 2019 and not surprisingly it is estimated that mobile usage is now nearing 60%. With mobile usage on the rise and already dominating internet

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social media ab testing data science

A-B Testing Part Two: Split-Testing for Social Media

For much of the history of advertising, it has been very difficult to identify exactly how successful a campaign actually was. A hit ad might coincide with increased sales, but it was up to the agency to demonstrate a connection between the two. Unless customers had to present the physical ad (often as a coupon)

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A-B Testing Part One: Optimizing User Experience (UX) for Websites

In his book “Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping,” Paco Underhill revealed (with meticulous research) how people actually behave in retail stores. He didn’t do it by asking them to fill out surveys about the retail shopping experience. That would have only told him what people think they want – and what they want

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Your Website Needs an SSL

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the security backbone to all Sites on the web. It is a data protection protocol that helps to safeguard sensitive information while they are transmitted globally. It creates a secure connection between web browsers and servers, server to server and web-based applications. The SSL protocol is usually represented either by

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Responsive design and web devices

Why you Need a Responsive Website Design

A responsive website is a user-friendly designed website that adapts itself dynamically on any device it is viewed on regardless of the screen size. It provides an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with less resizing, scrolling and panning among others. With the increasing usage rate of mobile devices, taking advantage of the technological

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Facebook Pixel

Benefits of Facebook Pixel

One of the amazing tools to be created by Facebook for marketers is the Facebook pixel.  It is a powerful advertising tool that communicates between your website and your Facebook Ad Account to help you gauge the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns as well as to reach new, targeted audiences. There are several benefits

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Industry Trends to Try: Instagram Stories

What was once thought of as a picture sharing platform, has evolved into something much greater. Instagram is a very creative and visual platform, that allows its users to share pictures, videos, and eye-catching content of all kinds. With the addition of Instagram Stories and Live videos, this is a wonderful platform for businesses of

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website design and hosting

Content Relevancy or Bust!

Relevancy or Bust! Within the first few minutes of clicking on a link, the reader knows if they will read the information presented to them, or if they will simply exit out of your content.  Within the first 15 seconds, the decision to read or interact based on the title of the article is made.

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