Technology Support

Different tiers of technology support to provide services for consulting, business, and residential. Positive user experiences are they key!

Consulting Services

Before you dive in on spending money to implement a project, consider contracting a consultant who can determine the feasibility of the project and what resources you need to complete the objectives.  More often than not, those who have a consultant involved with project planning and management save thousands of dollars that would have been wasted otherwise.


User experience (UX) is about more than just what you see, it is also about effective flow to ensure that a project is successful and achieves the expectations of the organization.  An outside look into your objectives could determine better methods of solving a problem, more cost effective solutions, and assist in ruling out certain proposals that do not meet the criteria.


A few questions we like to determine for projects are:

1) What is the problem that this project is designed to solve?

2) What are the expectations of all the involved stakeholders?

3) What time, capital, and human resources should this project take?

4) What vendors are qualified to complete the objectives successfully?

5) What is the best communication plan to keep all stakeholders and vendors informed on progress?

6) What criteria outlines successful completion of the project and what requirements must be met?


In addition to project consultation, we offer also business consulting and review for auditing: data security, business computer systems, software licensing, system life cycle, and budget planning for five-year technology plans. These audits serve a great need and determine if a project should be considered and what priorities should be critical to the organization.


Business Technology Support

Most businesses rely on their technology to be operational. Downtime is detrimental to your bottom line and hurts revenue, productivity, and reputation.


We focus on two things with our Business Support Service:

1) Minimizing System Downtime and Risk

2) Getting Systems Recovered Quickly


These two focuses go hand in hand in producing acceptable up times.  Nobody can guarantee that you will never have technical problems, but we can minimize them and also minimize the risk of data loss and other circumstances that cripple businesses with effective planning and strategy.


Few companies are skilled in handling cloud computing and the reality is that many cloud computing services can minimize business risk, increase productivity, and save your business thousands of dollars without sacrificing quality.  Actually, the quality of services through the cloud is normally faster and more accessible than many alternatives.


While we love what the cloud has to offer, there are circumstances where physical hardware is needed on-site.  We have the dedicated team ready to handle servers, phone systems, firewall protection, and on-premise backup.


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