Information Security Professionals

A recent report stated 80% of US Companies have been successfully hacked.  Is your business safe?  Do you have procedures and tools in place to protect your self?  From anti-virus to security cameras, we have your security in mind.


Protecting your Employee’s Workstations is Crucial


Ransomware, Malware, and Spyware all hurt productivity and compromise data.  Be proactive!

Bug Sweep and Detection

Do you suspect someone is listening or watching you?  We have the tools to sweep for video or audio bugs.

Security Cameras

Want to be able to monitor the activity at your business?  Security cameras lower the risk of theft and provide you with peace of mind.


Employee Policy

We can customize an acceptable use policy and cyber security policy for your business.


Security Audit

Curious about your current level of security?  A security audit can provide you a complete report of your systems, level of protection, and information to become more secure.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“LaunchUX can handle multi-task processes and at the same time never let down our expectations. Our staff, team, partners and customers would like to thank LaunchUX for their explosive leadership. ”

Corporate Strategy Services

“An enthusiastically willing solutions partner; no IT challenge too difficult to overcome, and with a “User Friendly” approach with clients.”

Project Management Customer

“LaunchUX has a very great knowledge of business operations and the team is excellent with customers.  They explain every thing in a very simple way for understanding.”

Consulting Customer

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