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5 Reasons Your Website is Bad

Websites are how a lot of businesses reach their customers in this technological day and age. Because of this, how a company’s website is performing both on search engines and with their audience, can dictate how well a company does. If you find that your website is not reaching as many people as it could, if you feel like it is not doing what it needs to do, if it is not performing well, you have to take a step back and look at your website objectively. Find what is wrong with it.

Little or Bad Content

Search engines and customers alike are looking for content on your website. A website with no content or bad content is just not going to perform well, the same goes for anything. Creating good and relevant content is key in making sure that your website takes off and succeeds. Creating new content frequently is also a great way to keep your customers coming back and helping your website’s search engine optimization, or SEO. Good, strong, refreshing content will bring more traffic to your site and help bring it more business. 

Slow Site Speed

Another important aspect of your website you should be aware of when evaluating why it is not performing well is the site speed. 40% of users leave a website that does not load in 3 seconds, leaving your website vulnerable if your site is running slow. There are a variety of ways to boost your site’s speed, including things like enabling compression, optimizing code, reducing redirects, and many other things. Making your website faster will make users stay and interact with your website, and boost it’s SEO. 

Not User Friendly

One thing that can really cause your website to not perform well is it not being user friendly. This could be a variety of factors, including things like it lacking accessibility to it just not being functional. Your website should be made for not just search engines, but for your users. It should have working parts that are made for your user’s convenience. Your website should also be appealing to your users, design wise as well as content wise. A disorganized, ugly website is not going to perform well. 

No Call to Action

A necessary part of your website that needs to be included is a call to action. Your website serves a purpose, and in some way you need to incorporate a call to action. This does not mean you have to explicitly say “hey buy this” or hey “hire my company”, but there are ways to convince your audience to do what you want them to do. Getting your website to serve its purpose will help it, and you, to be more successful. 

Not Responsive

Websites cannot do well if they are not responsive. Everyday people spend hours on their phones. This means that people are searching more on their phones. In turn, people are getting on your website more and more on mobile devices. Your website needs to not only work, but also look good on mobile devices. Generally when designing your website you have the option to view it in desktop view and mobile view. Utilizing the option to see your site in a mobile view can allow you to design it in such a way that your mobile users get just as good of an experience as your desktop users. Making your website more optimized and responsive will help your website’s traffic grow. 

A bad website can really hurt your business. Optimizing your website to be more appealing to search engines or to your users, bringing you more traffic. Just because your website is bad now though, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. For more help with your site and business, contact us at LaunchUX for a consultation!

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