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The Basics of Local SEO Keyword Research

Local SEO keyword research is the process of finding the right keywords that people are using to search for products or services with local intent. Utilizing local SEO keyword research can help to boost your business locally, but also help you to better your SEO skills. Local SEO keyword research is about anticipating and being ready for what your audience is going to search on Google. Understanding how to do it can take your business to the next level. 

What is Local SEO

Local SEO focuses on improving the rankings of a website for searches that have local intent. It focuses on trying to boost local search results. One of the most used tools with local SEO is Google My Business. Google My Business is a tool that is meant to help businesses improve their business profile on Google. Your business’s business profile appears on Google searches and provides information such as your business’s website, phone number, address, and other things as well. It is a way for Google to list your business and put it on Google Maps. Local SEO is not limited to just using Google My Business though. Local SEO consists of essentially any way you are optimizing your search results on a local level.

How to do Local SEO Keyword Research

One of the first steps to local SEO keyword research is to figure out what your topic is. Once you have your topic you can expand and come up with a short list of keywords. Not all of the keywords will be used, but that is okay, we are simply curating a list of keywords to start with. You want to start by using implicit keywords and then move into using explicit keywords. This means, you want to start with the keywords that do not include your location and then move into using keywords with your location. You can also find more keywords by diving deeper into detail with your topic. Say you are doing local SEO keyword research for an electrician’s website, you want to find keywords that will pertain to what kind of services are being offered.  

Once you have some keywords, you can use a keyword research tool. There are many offered online, such as SEMrush’s keyword magic tool, which we at LaunchUX use. What you really want to look for in a keyword tool is one that will tell you the search volume and the keyword difficulty. The search volume tells you how many people are searching for something. The keyword difficulty tells you how difficult it is for a site to rank from an organic search. You ideally want to use keywords with a high search volume but a low keyword difficulty. 

Local SEO keyword research can help to boost your search results with local intent and also can help to hone your SEO skills. Local SEO keyword research is not some scary thing, it is really just researching a topic and finding more relevant keywords that can help you to better optimize your search results. By utilizing different tools, keyword research is made simpler than it was before. Don’t wait to dive into local SEO keyword research, jump in head first to the challenge.

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